8 Tips to save Fuel while driving in India

In India, there are many rules of transportation that you have to follow while driving a vehicle for your own safety and for others. While obeying these rules you can also save fuel for your engine either Petrol or diesel, because the same fuel tank doesn’t always provide the same distance. So in this blog, we are going to discuss 8 Tips to save fuel while driving in India which you can use while driving safely and saving fuel at the same time.

We are going to share some interesting facts which can help in increasing your vehicle efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Some people may actually know about these tips but if you are a new driver and wish to know more then it can surely help you during your trip. Tips are described as follows:-

  1. Ensure Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure: Before leaving for your journey, make sure that all your tires have enough air pressure it needs for that vehicle. On sunny days tire resistance increases so having air pressure less or more can increase the fuel by 2 or 3 %.
  2. Take a Break after you Start: If your vehicle has a petrol engine, you can start your engine and accelerate at the same time but take a short after you start your diesel engine. We would suggest you avoid sudden acceleration of your vehicle. To start keep your vehicle in first gear and after some seconds of driving, you may use gears in increasing manners. Doing this can help you save up to 10% of your fuel.
  3. By Keeping Uniform Speed: If you are driving in hilly areas then keeping your vehicle speed constant may help you with lesser fuel consumption. If you want to decelerate then remove your feet from the accelerator before applying the brake. Now press the brakes gently especially if you are at downshift.
  4. Stop idling of engine while long breaks: We suggest that turning off your engine at longer breaks and stops can help you save fuel in the maximum amount. Idling can be disadvantageous for your vehicle; it can consume .5 to .7 liters of your fuel per hour.
  5. Drive in higher gears to avoid revving: There is another way to reduce fuel consumption and lead systematic driving is to drive with high gears and low revolutions. We suggest using the highest gears of the car to avoid revolution of the car. While driving a diesel car, it is beneficial to change gear between 1500 and 2500 rpm. In the case of petrol cars, the most favorable point is between 2000 and 2500 rpm.
  6. Carry fewer Essentials on Hills: We suggest you carry only needed things on the trip if you are traveling up hills. Carrying the unnecessary load may cause the engine to get strained while driving, which can cause fuel consumption of up to 6%.
  7. Keep the Air filter well mannered: Using an air conditioner while your journey causes a certain amount of fuel consumption, that’s why you must keep the condition of the air filter in good condition. If it is in poor condition, it can cause a reduction in engine power and increases fuel consumption.
  8. Air Condition or Windows Open: In today’s time many people prefer Air conditioning while some people prefer to keep the windows open while driving. According to a number of tests with different cars, less consumption of fuel is consumed up to 90 km/hr with the windows down/open. Above 100 km/hr it is suggested to use air conditioning because the car is designed to be more aerodynamic with windows closed and keeping the window down at a higher speed, can cause the car’s air resistance to increase and consume more fuel.
  9. These 8 Tips to save fuel while driving in India shared in this article can surely help you save fuel to some extent. So make sure to follow these golden tips while driving a Car either it’s yours or rented.

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